Saturday, January 30, 2010

Steve and the bottle

Steve liked to have a brew or two on occasion, and as you can see from this early photo, he even tried moonshine when he went through his hillbilly phase. Sometimes though, he ended up in a less than dignified state, as can be seen in the bottom two photos.

That middle photo is actually quite scary.  It was shot in
front of 3400 S. Perkins, a dangerous stretch of road.  It was crazy for Steve to be crawling in the gutter there, even in front of a parked car, and even scarier that I was where I was to take that picture.  I could have gotten taken out by a big rig at any second.

We were too young to really know much about serious drinking at that point.  We thought that the ultimate in drinking was to end up drunk and in the gutter. 

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