Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yud Yud

Sometime back in the sixties, Steve acquired the nickname "Yud Yud." I can't remember where he got it, can't remember what it meant, but it stuck and he still called himself that the last time I talked with him. My nickname was Scab, and I have a painfull memory of why I got that monicker. I was always tripping over things and there was always at least one scab on my shins.
Here's another out of focus photo of Steve trying to look like his head was cut off.
Again, I can only guess at when this was taken, and my guess would be Fall 1968, while Steve was on break from the Jr. college he attended for two years in Senatobia Mississippi.
I had to dig to find my pictures of Steve. They were mostly in a photo album I have which is full of silly photos we took over the years. Steve would roar with laughter if he saw some of the photos I will post on this blog.
And, MOST of them are in focus.

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